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Oriental Rug Cleaning & Storage in Wilmington, DE

Harb's Rug Cleaners offers expert oriental rug cleaning and storage in Wilmington, Delaware. We go to your home or business, or you can ship it to us. Take advantage of our convenient pickup and delivery service.

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Dust Cleaning

Our oriental rug cleaning includes dust cleaning before we wash the rug. We can get animal urine, dirt and anything not dye-based out of your rug. We offer Scotchgard®, moth proofing, and de-mothing service, as well as spot dyeing and dry cleaning services.

We also provide wall-to-wall cleaning in your home by scrubbing with soap and water and using a clear water rinse. Harsh chemicals are never used. We only use enzyme treatments to break up stains, so your children and pets are safe and protected against allergies. We also use a natural drying method so your rugs don't shrink.
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Submersion Cleaning & Rug Storage

With submersion cleaning, you get 100% of the dirt out. Fringes are scrubbed separately with hot shampoo, and fully dried safely until everything is done. We safely store and wrap your rugs in Tyvek® that allows your rugs to breathe without mold or mildew.
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